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Mestre Carlos e Helio
“There is no losing in Jiu Jitsu. You either win or you learn.” – Carlos Gracie, Sr.

Gracie Allegiance was founded by Master Carley and Professor Clark Gracie.

Since 1925…

The patriarch Master Carlos Gracie taught his family the foundation of Jiu Jitsu, its values and healthy living which has since spread around the world and is the foundation of our programs. 

Gracie Allegiance Jiu Jitsu Academy is led by Black Belt Professor, Clark Gracie, who is the grandson of Carlos Gracie, the founder of this Art in 1925. Carlos Gracie is the older brother and teacher of Helio Gracie; and the brothers developed the most efficient fighting system ever created, Brazilian (Gracie) Jiu Jitsu. They were able to defeat all different challengers from other martial arts school. Clark’s father, Carley Gracie, is known as the “Lion of the Gracie family” and earned his black belt from his father, Carlos Gracie. Carley Gracie is the last of the Gracie fighters who have been personally trained by Carlos Gracie. His style and success were not developed through brute strength and aggressive power, but rather, formulated from a scientific process of maneuvering, patience, flexibility, diet, strength of mind, will and self-control.
Clark earned his black belt under his father, and like his father, he practices and teaches techniques that rely on position and leverage. At Gracie Allegiance Texas, we are proud to be connected to the lineage of the Gracie family and its legacy. It is our pledge to give each member a transforming experience one class at a time.

“The Gracie family is the most important family in the history of martial arts!”  – Joe Rogan 


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